Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning

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Beautifully cleaned tiled flooring

Commercial and residential tile cleaning

Stone, tile, and grout floor cleaning

Tile and grouted floors are stylish and elegant, but require regular maintenance and cleaning. Depending upon which surface it is, we have the skills and expertise to clean your tile and grouted floors to the highest standard possible. 

We clean slate, terracotta, limestone, travertine, sandstone, porcelain tile, Victorian tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo, granite, bricks, marble and many other flooring materials. Contact us today; we serve Shefford, Bedford ,Bedfordshire Hertfordshire welwyn, Hitchin Letchworth, Stevenage, Milton Keynes,and surrounding areas
Restore your floors back to their initial greatness. 
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Specialist tile and grout floor cleaning

Ceramic tile and real stone flooring is extremely durable and lasts for decades, but the grout is porous and easily absorbs grease and dirt, as well as building up lime scale. Drink or grease spillages on the floor will cause marks and patches in the joints and grout between floor tiles. These grout stains quickly become permanent, and even regular cleaning will not always alleviate the problem. We aim to restore your tile and grout to look new again.

We also undertake upholstery, carpet and curtain cleaning. All our cleaning services are fully insured for your peace of mind.
Grout floor cleaning
“Excellent service, very thorough with attention to detail. Great to see it is an ongoing family concern with the next generation involved. Would recommend without hesitation.”
Karin White, Tewin Hertfordshire
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